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There are 10,000 misunderstandings between Germans and Chinese.

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Do you regularly work with German people or travel to Germany on business, or are you planning a longish stay in Europe (maybe you’re … more

“With her communication and inter-cultural skills as a chairperson and MC, Ms Oldekop led delegates to the all-day Potsdam Sino-German Conference on Digitalization and the Smart Factory Revolution through what was a challenging and complex programme. She addressed the 360 ​​participants from China and Germany in the languages ​of their respective countries ​and reached them at their points of interest – academics, scientists and practice-minded businesspeople alike. Even at the pre-event preparation stage, she contributed useful ideas and insights to the programme design. This helped make the event a great success for everyone involved.”

Kirstin Wenk, Deputy Team Leader for Foreign Trade & Europe Service at Brandenburg state inward investment agency “WFBB”


Do your plans focus on China, or are you looking for authors to write on issues in Germany? We create media with a special … more

Why do Germans love to say “No”?


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