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Encounters on the Siberian border, on the Silk Road, in Tibetan villages, with minorities on the Vietnamese border and in the mega-cities on the east coast: Astrid Oldekop’s photographs show the traces left on the faces of Chinese people by the powerful changes during three decades in which China has opened up to the world.

Guardian of the place where Zhang Sanfeng witnessed a snake fighting with a crane. 2006.

Sweet potatoes on the border with Siberia. 1993.

In the mountains near Peking. 1992.

An old man taking his birds for a walk. 1993.

Winter. 1993.

An ice-block construction in Harbin. 1993.

Trading in Heihe. 1993.

Village. 1992.

A rose-grower in Peking. 1992.

Street scene in Yunnan. 1990.

Tourists on Tiananmen Square. 2010.

Tourists in Sichuan. 2012.

Woman waiting to be re-housed at the Three Gorges Dam. 1993.

Peking. 1992.

Girls in Kashgar. 1993.

Tai-chi Grand Master Shi Ming in the Purple Bamboo Park in Peking. 1993.

Tai-chi Master Xiao Weijia. 2008.

Tai-chi in Peking. 2008.

Tai-chi by the Changpu River in Peking. 2008.

Tai-chi in the Workers’ Culture Park in Peking. 2009.

Tai-chi the Workers’ Culture Park in Peking. 2010.

Baishi-ceremony of Master Zhu. 2008.

Kashgar. 1993

Loavs of bread in Kashgar. 1993.

Uyghur women. 1993.

Vegetable market in Xinjiang. 1993.

On the Silk Road. 1993.

Girls in Peking. 1992.

In the Wudang Mountains. 2006.

Monastery in the Wudang Mountains. 2006.


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