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Understanding each other

Understanding is the foundation for every collaboration.
That’s why we help Chinese people to understand Germans so that Germans understand them. We offer Chinese managers tailor-made media training.
And we help Germans understand the Chinese so the Chinese understand them.

China Consulting

Our China training events enable you to understand Chinese people and communicate with them. Working in small groups, we’ll prepare you for China and for working with Chinese people, and we’ll help you on the ground too: finding business partners, maintaining relationships, preparing negotiations and resolving conflicts. We offer training at management academies and colleges and also give tailor-made in-house seminars.
With our one-on-one coaching you’ll find out everything you always wanted to know about China (but were afraid to ask)! We’ll be on hand while you communicate with Chinese people. Together with you, we’ll analyse and make sense of the situation in which you find yourself in China. We’ll figure out alternative courses of action and come up with specific, practical suggestions to help you.
During our China consulting, we’ll help you prepare before launching into China. We’ll analyse your communication with Chinese partners, clients or suppliers and will help you on the ground – from receiving Chinese delegation in Germany to accompanying you on the trips.

Media Training

Here, we explain the German media world to Asian managers. You’ll hear from experienced journalists on how the German media works. One-on-one media training will prepare your managers for discussions with German journalists and will hone their interview skills – both in front of, and away from, the camera.

Germany Consulting

Do you regularly work with German people or travel to Germany on business, or are you planning a longish stay in Europe (maybe you’re already there)?
Do you want to attract German investors and create a favourable environment for them? We offer tailor-made solutions to the questions you have in mind.
Working in small groups, or even in one-on-one coaching sessions, we’ll prepare you for Germany and for working successfully with German people, and we’ll also be on hand during your activities there.




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