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Quality journalism for two decades

Whether print, digital or video, whether newspaper reporting or a corporate brochure – the heart of our work can be found in our journalistic background. We know how the media tick and what businesses need. Add to this three decades of experience in China, and the result is a unique mixture of cross-cultural communication and solid professional capability.

Journalism: China and Germany in the media

Do your plans focus on China, or are you looking for authors to write on issues in Germany? We create media with a special focus on China and Germany. Business is our passion, and our key interest area is fresh encounters between German and Chinese people, for example German success stories in China or Chinese people who have made it big in Germany.
But we’re just as happy to write articles on the route taken by Pu’er tea from the thousand-year-old tea plants on the Burmese border all the way to Peking or on the German tea ceremony in the coastal region of East Frisia.
Astrid Oldekop has been travelling between China and Germany for three decades and has spent the last two of these writing about the Middle Kingdom in various German and Chinese media.
Mediapoint Düsseldorf | Beijing is assisted by an exclusive network of German and Chinese journalists.


Corporate Publishing: China, Germany and more

We’ll create your customer and corporate magazines, image films and newsletters. Working with you, we’ll produce tailor-made publication concepts for German and international media products. Our special focus is China, but we’re an international outfit.
When it comes to your customer or employee communications, do you need German, Chinese or English products produced by seasoned journalists? We’ll supply truly international, custom solutions.



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Astrid Oldekop

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