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Astrid Oldekop

JH1 2Astrid Oldekop is familiar with every aspect of China: as a journalist, event facilitator and consultant.

A true China expert, she has been travelling regularly between Germany and China since 1985.

As a business journalist she has worked for, among others, the German financial daily Handelsblatt (as an editor between 1999 and 2010), the weekly business magazine Wirtschaftswoche, the Welt newspaper group and public service broadcaster ARD-Radio. She was awarded a grant under the International Journalists' Programmes (IJP) in China and became the first foreign journalist on the editorial staff of China Daily.

As an event facilitator Astrid Oldekop treads the boards at international congresses, discussion podiums, seminars and award presentations, hosting and chairing in multi-lingual style in German, Chinese and English.

As a consultant and trainer she hones the skills of Chinese and German managers and managers-in-waiting so they’re up to the challenges that await them in Germany and China. She also advises municipal authorities and organisations competing for inward investment.
Astrid Oldekop studied at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg and the Renmin Daxue in Peking.

She founded Mediapoint Düsseldorf | Beijing in 2011.

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Astrid Oldekop

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