Event Facilitation

Event Facilitation

“With her communication and inter-cultural skills as a chairperson and MC, Ms Oldekop led delegates to the all-day Potsdam Sino-German Conference on Digitalization and the Smart Factory Revolution through what was a challenging and complex programme. She addressed the 360 ​​participants from China and Germany in the languages ​of their respective countries ​and reached them at their points of interest – academics, scientists and practice-minded businesspeople alike. Even at the pre-event preparation stage, she contributed useful ideas and insights to the programme design. This helped make the event a great success for everyone involved.”

Kirstin Wenk, Deputy Team Leader for Foreign Trade & Europe Service at Brandenburg state inward investment agency “WFBB”

"The Confucius Institute of Düsseldorf's Spring Festival Gala, held in the city's Henkel Room on 27th January 2017, was compèred bi-lingually by Astrid Oldekop and attended by 450 Chinese and German guests. The evening, which also celebrated the 10th anniversary of our institute, was entitled “Embarking on the Year of the Cockrel with China – Pecha Kucha and a Master on the Ruan”. Among the guests were seven speakers and artists, along with renowned musician Feng Mantian who thrilled the audience with an impressive concerto on the Chinese ruan (long-necked lute).
Astrid Oldekop's compèring made what was a highly varied programme into an enjoyable, well-rounded evening. Scrupulously prepared, she delighted the Chinese guests with classical quotations and used her profound knowledge of China to convey the meaning of the Chinese performances to the German listeners. The fact that the gala became a model example of Sino-German intercultural sharing is very largely her personal achievement."

Dr. Cord Eberspächer, Director Confucius-Institute of Düsseldorf

“Astrid Oldekop chaired the plenary sessions and the concluding panel discussion (both in English) at the China-centred 'Transcultural Leadership Summit 2016' organised by the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin (LEIZ) of Zeppelin University (ZU) on 14th and 15th October 2016 in Friedrichshafen. Thanks to her excellent feel for the audience which was in many respects highly diverse (numerous nationalities, company representatives as well as students and academics), her grasp of what was often highly complex and wide-ranging subject matter, her very fluent English and her presence, Ms Oldekop was able to bring the necessary additional element of momentum and cohesion to the conference, involving the participants throughout, and thus keeping the interaction going at all levels. We were very pleased with Ms Oldekop's work – we are very grateful to her and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in future!”

Prof Dr Josef Wieland, Director of the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin, Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen

“Thank you very much for your contribution to deepening the mutual understanding between Germans and Chinese. It is a great pleasure for me to attend the Düsseldorf China Dialogue. One key reason for this is that you have always chaired the discussion well. I look forward to further opportunities.”

Feng Haiyang, General Consul of the People's Republic of China in Düsseldorf

"非常有幸,我们邀请到了Astrid Oldekop女士,担任由杜塞尔多夫中国学者学生联合会、杜塞尔多夫孔子学院和杜塞尔多夫德中友好协会共同举办的“2016年杜塞尔多夫地区中国春节晚会”的主持人。她流利的中文主持、幽默风趣的主持风格以及和中文主持的默契配合等都给在场近800位中德观众留下了深刻的印象。


王耀箴, 杜塞尔多夫中国学者学生联合会 主席

"Working with Astrid Oldekop was outstanding and a great success. Together, we have regionalised our global Product-Launch-Concept for our revolutionary 3D-Production-System freeformer for the Chinaplas 2015 trade fair in Guangzhou. A Product-Launch-Show on three continents - global in Germany, americanised in the USA and Astrid Oldekop implementing it in the markets of the People's Republic of China. Straight-forward arrangements, great stage presence and a high language-skill set, awarded the show with much attention. Clients, stakeholders and fellow employees were enthralled."

Dr. Christoph Schumacher, Head of Marketing and Communications, ARBURG GmbH & Co. KG

"Astrid Oldekop has facilitated the China-evening at the Health 3.0 on the 15th and 16th of April in Düsseldorf before over one-hundred guests. She did a really great job. After introducing General Consul Feng Haiyang's and Petra Wassner's (NRW.Invest) salutation speech, she lead a high-level round of dicussions with Prof. Rainer Sippel (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management), Christian Fromm (China-Consulting) and Prof. Mingen Xu (Research of Bio-Medical Engineering, Hangzhou Dianzi University). She was absolutely professional, competent and charming, which was not easy due to several unpredictable circumstances. Therefore my compliments, for the sovereign handling of surprising changes of plans."

Ernst Martin Walsken, PA & C Public Affairs & Communication GmbH

"Mrs. Astrid Oldekop has supported the sixth "Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe" by facilitating the official press conference and panel "Chinese Investments in Europe - Challenge and Opportunity" in English, which took place in our Chamber of Commerce from 10th to 11th October 2014. By skillfully making use of not only her Chinese language skills at the beginning of the panel and by her intercultural experiences, she quickly won over especially the Chinese part of our expert audience. Her competence and excellent preparations built up to a brisk discussion between the European and Chinese participants of the panel. We are sincerely grateful for the cooperation."

Corinna Nienstedt, Geschäftsführerin & Leiterin Geschäftsbereich International, Handelskammer Hamburg

"Astrid Oldekop has exceptional Speaker and Moderator skills. She has the power to engange thousands of international listeners and moderate panel debates with international top decision makers, politicians and scientists. Astrid Oldekop hereby has my warmest recommendations."

Selina Juul, Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement

"Astrid Oldekop has facilitated our event 'Chances of business for German companies in Ningbo/VR China' initiated with the purpose of bilateral foreign exchange. She spent two full days in Ningbo, in order to be thoroughly and reliably prepared. During that time she gained a deep insight on the city and its business- as well as traderelations. By intensively communicating with our employees, Astrid Oldekop knew exactly how to realize our event and what we wished to accomplish. Thanks to her wide experiences as event facilitator, Astrid Oldekop has successfully conducted the event. Her facilitation was one of the event's highlights and was highly praised by all guests present."

Lin Huichuan, Ningbo Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau

“It was with a great deal of sensitivity and journalistic skill that Astrid Oldekop was able to get the international participants from the academic and business worlds and from action groups talking to each other and putting their various positions clearly on the table. Her skilful chairmanship in English and her personal presence on stage meant the success of the panel to the ladies listening – 1,400 women from over 50 countries – was in no small part also down to the professionalism she brought to bear”.

Kathy Kaaf, President of Soroptimist International Europe

“Astrid Oldekop used her personal presence combined with impeccable preparation to lay open very clearly the different positions taken by members of the panel. By stimulating discussion within the panel and also a vigorous exchange of views between the panel and the audience, she played a huge part in making the Otto Beisheim School of Management inaugural DSA Alumni Conference a runaway success”.

Peter Kreutter, Director of the Otto Beisheim School of Management Foundation (WHU)

“During the process of setting up four owner-managed retail businesses, Astrid Oldekop assisted on the communication side. She spoke at great length with the business owners, latching quickly onto the heart of the business idea with the aim of presenting and chairing a “start-up event” involving key suppliers and clients. She facilitated this event with great poise, demonstrating detailed knowledge and real empathy. We want to thank her most warmly for her help.”

Rainer Meyer, Managing Director Krups Consultants


“The China training event really helped us prepare for the intercultural differences during the negotiation marathon with our joint venture partners. We were warned in advance and so avoided gross errors in our assessment and interpretation of meetings and the way they went in China. China is different – but not intimidating or beyond understanding – that was something else our China training taught us”.

Rainer Schütte, Executive Chairman MöllerGroup

"WHU Executive Education also organises an international module in China as part of a professional training programme for German-speaking IT executives. For this professional training programme, Astrid Oldekop not only conducted a 'Chinese Intercultural Skills' course, which was described by participants as highly valuable, but also played an important part in designing and organising the training programme held in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. I, and our programme participants, were especially impressed by Ms Oldekop's intimate knowledge of China and extensive network of contacts. I look forward to working with her on future projects as well, and to her extremely professional and cordial approach!”

Dr Rebecca Winkelmann, Managing Director, WHU Executive Education

“Astrid Oldekop used a workshop to expand our intercultural capabilities immensely in terms of Chinese culture and the Chinese mentality. There was a good balance between theory and practice, and good linkage between the two, helping us find solutions in a systematic way. The tools developed help us make major improvements to both business and interpersonal relationships”.

Amir Roughani, CEO VISPIRON

“We found the seminar helpful even though we’re not yet dealing directly with Chinese “issues”. ‘Useful background knowledge’ is how I’d describe the information we were given on contemporary Chinese history, and it certainly goes a long way toward explaining some patterns of behaviour we’ve observed. The highlight of the seminar for me was the role-play which pointed out the kinds of thought processes one could easily encounter during contact with Chinese people”.

Dr. Claudia Schlegelmilch, imat-uve gmbh


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